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issue 151October - November 2017

In National Bus Company days some of Southdown’s famous Queen Marys got sent to other parts of the country. Nigel Lukowski and Dave Cousins tell us a bit more about this occurrence. 80 years ago the STD class of Leyland Titans began service in London. John Lloyd pays tribute to the type.

With recent stuff about South Yorkshire in Classic Bus, Clive Baker shows us some Sheffield cast-offs not too far away, and Dave Careless recalls the personalties behind Rotherham’s post-war rebodying. We’re back in Warrington briefly, and back in Godalming, looking at another coachbuilder from the small Surrey town (with an apology to go with it!). We’re in Fleetwood too, on market day when coaches from far and wide parked up in a great long line.

Thomas W W Knowles is off on his bike again from Marlborough, exploring the bus interest east and south of the town where he went to school in the late 1950s and early 1960s. There are some wonderful gems to delight you!

Robert E Jowitt looks at buses that may not have been or aren’t any more, and Ray Stenning shows us a GS near Midhurst run by one of Basil Williams’ (many) companies - there’s a new book out about his empire.

Of course, we have our usual lively and well-illustrated Forum section and new books to consider, too, so take out a subscription and enjoy the shamelessly nostalgic ride with Classic Bus!

We’ve got loads more lined up in future issues including rides with NBC Wanderbus tickets in the 1970s and 1980s, East Kent in East Sussex, and Ribble in Preston. Then we’ve got driving and conducting for Kimes in Lincolnshire, we spend time on the Isles of Scilly, look at the financial state of the municipals in the 1960s, hop off to New Brighton in 1952, take a lunch break in Stamford (and coffee in the Chilterns), go on some trolleybus tours, look down from on high, and much more besides . . .

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