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issue 154April - May 2018

We all have our favourite classic buses, classic classic buses as it were. James Freeman tells us about his very specific one. Basil Hancock tells us about the prototype flat-floor Lodekkas, the LDLs. Also, Robin Hannay gives us the story of the body on East Kent’s first GFN Guy Arab, which several readers had been puzzling over.

We’re in Kime country in this issue, with Cedric Greenwood relating his driving and conducting tales in rural Lincolnshire in the mid-1980s on a hobby holiday. And going back a decade, we have the question about the merits of the National Bus Company’s all-white coaches rearing its head again, or, rather, your answers to the question.

Tom Moore has a story to tell about when Coventry Corporation swapped one of its wartime buses for a Middlesbrough one - a Leyland for a Guy and how the Guy ended up as a coach.

We think we have the record for the longest distance travelled on a Midland Red Day Anywhere ticket (some feat!), and we have more information about London’s Red Arrows, this time about bus stop flags and E-plates.

There’s a splendid new book about the buses of Lancashire United, so we have a short feature about this much-loved independent. Robert Jowitt takes us into summer in his series on the seasons, so expect some gorgeous scenes with buses at home and abroad.

Of course, we have our usual lively and well-illustrated Forum section and new books to consider, too, so take out a subscription and enjoy the shamelessly nostalgic ride with Classic Bus!

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