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issue 152December 2017 - January 2018

Continuing Geoff Mills’ study of East Anglian municipal undertakings that got involved with coaching, he looks at Colchester this time. David Holding tells us about the story of coach services from the North East miners’ villages to Blackpool, based on a talk he gave to the Northern branch of the Omnibus Society.

We’ve also got the lowdown on Luton’s lowbridge double deckers with two sunken gangways upstairs. We peer down from Canterbury’s Westgate to see what we can see and look at some ECW bodied buses, seeing that ECW closed its factory doors in Lowestoft 30 years ago.

A chance remark by Thomas Knowles in one of his pieces about cycling from Marlborough has flushed out some more information about jointly-operated bus routes out of Reading.

We’re enjoying more old and not so old postcards with buses, studying driver’s doors on Leyland double-deck bodies and spotting more Queen Mary’s in places you wouldn’t expect them. And Robert Jowitt starts his exploration of the four seasons with some erudite words and gorgous images - he starts with winter.

Of course, we have our usual lively and well-illustrated Forum section and new books to consider, too, so take out a subscription and enjoy the shamelessly nostalgic ride with Classic Bus!

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