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Each issue is packed with well-written articles - superbly illustrated - about different aspects of bus and coach operation, the vehicles we learned to love or hate, interesting companies, the people that shaped the industry, plus personal reminiscences as well as factual stories. Some are shamelessly nostalgic, some controversial, but every piece is written by people who have a lifelong devotion and unquenchable passion for this interest. Many writers are well-known figures in the industry, bringing a fresh perspective that keeps the magazine relevant to today's readers.
Classic Bus magazine
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Our series on great British bus routes takes a look at those that have a special significance for a variety of reasons. We look at the careers and interests of prominent people in the bus industry and probe to find out what got them into buses in the first place. We look at vehicles in their infinite variety, and we try to relate today's developments to what's happened before.
All in all, it's a magazine you'll turn to again and again. Skilfully edited by Ray Stenning and designed by Best Impressions, it's all done with the passion and flair you'd expect from such a team.

Your life really will feel so empty without it.

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