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issue 160April - May 2019

None of us like to see a fine bus after a crash, but we do feature an RT at Catford that lost its roof. We wondow how (the answer is in the next issue). From dilapidation to future restoration - we have the story behind the return of Mancunian 436 to Manchester.

It’s always interesting how an article in Classic Bus often leads on to further information coming to light. In this issue we have more on diverted orders and look-alikes. Sometimes the stor is a bit more complex than it at first seems.

With a fabulous new book celebrating the centenary of Ribble due out in may (details in this magazine), Peter caunt looks back at the ‘Mighty Ribble’ in and around Preston in the 1950s and 1960s. And with the 36th annual King Alfred running day also in May, James Freeman recalls how it all came about.

Bob Bayman was inspired by recent features about London Transport’s re-shaping in the 1970s to reveal his experiences of the first day (they weren’t good!), and Barry Ovenden recalls the start of Maidstone & District’s conversion to one-man operation in the 1950s.

Our visit to the Bus Archive this time reveals an adventurous plan by none other than the adventurous Ronald Edgley Cox to convert Royal Tiger single deck buses to double deck with a front staircase! We suggest how it might have looked (not good).

Of course, we have our usual lively and well-illustrated Forum section, with topics ranging far and wide, several new books to consider, too, so take out a subscription and enjoy the shamelessly nostalgic ride with Classic Bus!

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