Classic Bus 172
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issue 172 apr - may 2021
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  • climbing up to the Palace - a Great British trolleybus route
  • when Midland Red bought Fords - from the Bus Archive
  • looking into Leicester - on the day Britain won Eurovision
  • looking at London's six-wheelers - the LT class
  • the ladies of Poole - a celebration for International Women's Day
  • more badge engineering - more Royal Tigers that weren't
  • delivering Bristols to York - for York-West Yorkshire
  • still using pencils and paper - Basil Hancock recalls his draughting days
  • Albion Nimbus in South Yorkshire - with independent Booth & Fisher
  • selling ice creams in Cornwall - while photographing buses
  • Northern Counties in Wigan - more queen Mary slightly lookalikes
  • to the airport again - follow ups from the last issue
  • Birmingham v Walsall - a beauty contest?
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Classic Bus 171
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issue 171 feb - mar 2021
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  • all about Manchester's buses - in an updated and expanded lovely new book
  • BEA to Heathrow - the story of the airport route & its coaches
  • a catalogue of requisites - discovered in the Bus Archive
  • do not disturb the driver - rules and regulations, in breach of
  • a day out for the lads - in charas and coaches, and in hats
  • back in Redcar bus station - the concluding part of the story
  • Teesside trolleys' final fling - every picture tells a story
  • Middle Eastern adventure - National Service bus spotting
  • the Sabre story continues - more information about this rare beast
  • 40 years on - rembembering coach deregulation
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Classic Bus 170
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issue 170 dec 2020 - jan 2021
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  • the life & times of a bus station - we're off to Redcar on the North Sea coast
  • Newport's Metropolitans - a driver remembers them
  • electric hopes in the 1970's - a story of failure from the Bus Archive
  • Newcastle in the 1950's - not that one, the other one, with Eric Wain
  • crossing the Grand Western Canal - more buses and bridges
  • in town & country - scenic scenes from a new Midland Red book
  • the draughtsman's contract - John Seale tells how it is
  • rock island lines - a bevy of buses on Gibraltar
  • Liverpool - we can't seem to leave it alone
  • Bristol v Leyland - in outposts of Ribble country
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Classic Bus 169
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issue 169 oct - nov 2020
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  • a Nimbus that was, then wasn't - from The Bus Archive
  • Leyland National's half century - re-assessing the ubiquitous bus
  • the Northern Counties look - the other Queen Marys
  • joined up thinking - trying to make Maidstone more efficient
  • going on a sentimental journey - Michael Baker goes back to Merseyside
  • Scottish oddities - revealed by John Sinclair
  • mudguard malarkey - why East Kent's went a bit peculiar
  • a Bradford bicyle ride - to Duckworth Lane to see the trolleybuses
  • Sabre rattling - AEC's final showing of the teeth
  • Comet tales - bodied by Reading
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Classic Bus 168
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issue 168 aug - sep 2020
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  • Liverpool's bus bodies - why it stopped building them
  • Derby front-engined Daimler's - the day we said goodbye to them
  • building Bristol chassis - and delivering them to ECW
  • where King Alfred buses lived - the story of its garages
  • Atlantean coaches - if only M&D's looked more like coaches
  • Bella Vega style - more from the Bus Archive
  • days of the Doyen - how the big white hope fared in service
  • back to Belfast - an MH bodied Fleetline back in Ireland
  • badge engineering - a puzzle in Coventry
  • all lit up - celebration buses in Manchester
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Classic Bus 167
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issue 167 jun - jul 2020
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  • Leyland's Royal Tiger Doyen - research said it would sell... it didn't
  • AEC's Ranger - not many built of this one, either
  • a last trolleybus connection - Mexborough & Swinton and Bradford
  • Southdown PD3 windows - Anthony Warrener wonders
  • not an AEC Revent V in Darwen - every picture tells a story
  • the dragon of Dunton Green - Terence Uden remembers Pearl
  • excursion to Blackpool - Jeremy Williams visits Aunt Margaret
  • Seagulls and Funfares - remembering Trent's coaches
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Classic Bus 166
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issue 166 apr - may 2020
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  • the story of a bus garage - the rise and fall of Chelsham
  • FRM 1 returns to Croydon - on a nostalgic day tour
  • the nomenclature of Lions - it's all about the letter P
  • trips by bus with friends - in Yorkshire and Liverpool
  • migrating northwards - Bridgemasters ending up in Tain
  • more Duple dreams - interesting designs from Eric Ball
  • a day out from Winchester - the first was 100 years ago
  • red Merlins in Green spaces - loans from London Transport
  • quayside in Weymouth - Bristols, a Leopard and Cromptons
  • answers to questions - and questions needing answers
  • a Sheffield scene - with a tin-front Regent III
  • Wulfrunians - on the way out
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Classic Bus 165
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issue 165 feb - mar 2020
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  • the key to Queen's Road - something special returns to Manchester
  • why it built its own buses - another view on Midland Red's buses
  • Merlins for sale - from the Bus Archive
  • Lancashire Guys - Mike Morgan's classic classic bus
  • under the skin of an RT - why Saunders bodies were different
  • Red House rarities - Royalists and Freelines in Coventry
  • a Margate mystery - involving a former Southdown Tiger
  • off for a wander - trips by bus with a Wanderbus ticket
  • Aylesbury to London - coaches in Kingsbury Square in 1931
  • Weymouth quayside - where buses and trains met
  • Monocoaches - in Scotland
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Classic Bus 164
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issue 164 dec 2019 - jan 2020
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  • the prototype modernised RF - in pale grey at a rally in North Weald
  • the last days of Cardiff's trolleys - Roger Davis remembers them well
  • the last rites of East Hent's Regent Vs - every picture tells a story
  • photographing Lodekkas in Orsett - and discovering all sorts of other double deckers
  • lovely White Ladies - in full livery
  • strange goings-on in Dundee - Stewart Brown looks closely at a postcard
  • Midland Red's home-made - your responses to Basil Hancock's question
  • Super Vegas that never were - design concepts from the Bus Archive
  • tales about tin fronts - Michael Dryhurst gives us his view
  • lin the northern counties - every picture tells a story
  • the battle of Newton Cap - and a bus crossing the River Wear
  • rule book in an RF - what that pocket was for
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Classic Bus 163
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issue 163 oct - nov 2019
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  • home-made by Midland Red - Basil Hancock asks if it was worth the effort
  • home-made by London - more on the FRM and a few might have beens
  • Bedford depot reaches 100 - a look back at it in the 1960s
  • an engineer's day off - to Basingstoke, Gosport & Brighton
  • a bridge in Folkestone - every picture tells a story
  • a tale of two Roadliners - Tom Moore remembers the Red House ones
  • never forget Foden - in the tin front beauty stakes
  • more Regenet V appreciation - Leon Coast loved Maidstone & District's
  • MacKenzie's of Garve - a story from the Bus Archive
  • love the 1960s - it's the 1970s for David Pike
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Classic Bus 162
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issue 162 aug - sep 2019
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  • Devon General Regent Vs - Paul Jenkins remembers
  • Peak performance - up hill and down dale with a Derbyshire Explorer
  • a twist in the tale - a Daimler in Chesterfield
  • a Luton Lowlander later on - the bus on the last issue's cover in Inverness
  • lowbridge front staircases - on a London Transport STL
  • Pentonville Road - when coaches left for East Anglia
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Classic Bus 161
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issue 161 jun - jul 2019
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  • NBC began 50 years ago - David Pike recalls its timetable book
  • Preston postscript - a last look at Preston in the 50s & 60s
  • the South Hams in WWII - a tale from the Bus Archive
  • Belle, but beautiful too? Geoff Mills looks at its coachwork
  • a double-deck Royal Tiger - Bernard Davis found one in Bilbao
  • standard wasn't always - same livery, different application
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